Sunday, July 3, 2016

Saturday: Burnley's House

Everyone always assumes it is hot in Honduras when actually we are up in the mountains.  That means it is usually fairly mild, but we haven't had much rain.  No rain, means lots of sunshine which makes the house builds warmer.

Saturday was another beautiful day and I had been told that we would be building another one of my houses.  We had gotten another large group from the airport the day before so the total group was growing.  A large group had come from the Nashville area and possibly other areas too.  Another large group would be coming in today.  So that meant we had two teams building houses in Mololoa today.

The hike was just starting and I was sweating and breathing hard.  It is much higher elevation.

We love going to Mololoa .  It is one of the poorest areas in the city and the church has several programs that are supported by churches back in the states.  There is a meal program where a hot meal is served to the poor children of the area 6 days a week.  There is also a wonderful daycare that is free to mothers who have a job.

Inglesia de Cristo. (The church of Christ at Mololoa)

We wouldn't be working in those programs, but building homes there.  There's one problem with that, the village is very mountainous and you never know if you will be building on the top of a mountain or on the side of a cliff.

We arrived and headed off following 3 Honduran men who would be helping us.  We headed up and quickly took a hike through a rocky stream that was a tributary of the Rio de Bano (Bathroom River) nasty!!!  This was no easy hike.  We finally got to our lumber and we still weren't at the site!!  Pat, aka Tricky, our build leader quickly decided to pay some local men to carry all of our lumber up to the site.
I was glad!  

We hiked on up further to the build site and immediately saw that the land was going to barely be big enough to build a house. All of us girls started moving a rock pile to give us enough room.  The rocks were an indication of what was to come when we needed to dig for our footers.  (More rocks)

The build was a good, but slow one.  Besides the leader and the 3 Hondurans and me, there was only 2 teenage boys who had ever built a house before.  Luckily, we had one tall man who had experience building.  All in all it was a good day, but it was one of the few builds where I worked hard the whole time.

We finished around 4:00 and dedicated the house.  This large family had been living in a mud house already on the property.  Someone said 3 families lived there.  I didn't hear that, but it was a large family!

My friend, Margaret's husband died in February and she built this house in his memory!!  What an honor and humbling experience this was for me.  I didn't understand all of the Spanish that the family was saying, but I know they were thanking you & God for this blessing!!

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