Thursday, July 7, 2016

Babies & Building. (Tuesday & Wednesday)


Dishwashing duties on Wednesday night with Caleb Beggs, Mary Hughes and Maddie Dill

I guess someone thought I needed another break today because Diane and I were asked if we wanted to go to Mololoa.  Well, of course we said yes!    We love going and working in either the church kitchen or the daycare.  A Church of Christ in South Carolina (and probably others) fund both works.  A hot meal is served 6 days a week to the poor children of the area.  La Fermoza is a free daycare for the working mothers.  This keeps older brothers and sisters from having to watch their younger siblings.  That is important because then they can still go to school.

Diane and several three other young people worked in the kitchen while Jody Mann, Joanna Fussell, Hope Lovell, Mark and Mary (Sarasota), and some other young people headed up to work in the daycare.  The new people were amazed as everyone is at how well behaved the children were.  Mark had researched how to make balloon hats and entertained the two year olds by making them.  We helped put up a bulletin board, helped serve lunch and washed dishes.  After the children's hot lunch, they got on their mats and took a nap.  Jody Mann had brought an adult coloring book and nail polish. We enjoyed chatting with the ladies while they colored and got their nails done.  All in all it was a great day.

Cassidy from Nashville & Wendy

You see many things in Mololoa.


I had been told the night before that another one of my houses would be built.  I decided that this would be the home built in the memory of Beth Outland Jones' grandparents.  We have been building two houses a day and many of the people are wanting to do other jobs, so sometimes it gets hard to get enough people to build.  We ended up with two good size teams and found that the houses would be built the dump.  I have been to that area and it is one of the worse I have been too.  Many who live their work salvaging things from the dump.

I know this looks like the dump, but it isn't.  We are very close though.  YOu'll be able to see it in the background of some of the pictures.

This rock is much bigger than it looks here.  The men said they dug up a Volkswagon!!

Scott Townsend led our build.  He is a soft-spoken, gentle man and I appreciate that.  Everyone on our team worked really well together.  Everyone worked very hard and no one was testy or bossy.  We were almost finished by about 1:00, but we we've been spending a long time trimming out the door and window.  I won't remember everyone's name on the build, but a few were:  Jay Tucker, Jo Dawn Martin, Randi Grossman, Mark, Mary & Darrell from Sarasota.& Colby Connor from PA.

Yes, a family lives there.  There is a sofa where many were sitting right behind the concrete thing.

We didn't really have a translator, but I was able to use my limited Spanish to talk to the owner.  It was an adult man who had been living with his mother. He had spent the day helping us along the way.  At one point, everything was done & a few people were finishing up the door.  (They have starting making a nice frame on the outside.). I started sweeping up all of the sawdust and the man asked for the broom to sweep.  While we were waiting, I explained how the money was raised and who the house was built in memory of. (Beth Jones' grandparents)

Here I'm showing him things I collected for a housewarming gift.  I got a Spanish Bible for all of my house builds.

We had so much extra time that our Honduran helpers made the man a table out of the scraps!!!

We finished and our group got in a circle (with the man and his family).  We said a prayer in English and then in Spanish.  We were getting ready to say our good-byes and the man wanted to say a few words.  We had no translator, but it was obvious that he was happy.  His voice started cracking and he started crying as he thanked us..  As he was talking,  we noticed that he had recently lost the end of his little finger.  He mentioned that too. He was so emotional that we all ended up crying.  We worked hard and it was such a blessing to help this man who had gone through such hardship.  


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