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Guinea Pigs & a house built with love. (Thursday & Friday(

Well, I had this all pre-typed yesterday.  I was working off-line (no internet ) & couldn't save it.  I got on the Internet to finish it this morning & I can't find it!!  :( So, I guess I'll retype it & I'm sure I won't go into as much detail.


I was pre-signed up to go to Mi Esperanza.  I wasn't sure what we would be doing there, but it is always a smaller group and it tends to be quiet and more relaxing.  A group of about 12 of us were left there and we found out that we would be Guinea pigs for the beauty school students.  We had the option to have manicures, pedicures, haircuts or colors.

Most of us got manicures/pedicures ($5 tip for each one) and some of us got haircuts and/or color.  A few of us were brave enough to try a new trend: a splash of color in pink, blue or purple!!!  I got a splash of pink, but you can only really see it if my hair is pulled up.  There was a little bit larger fee for that, but it included a wash and blowout.  The Mi Esperanza store was also opened for any who still needed to buy things.  All in all it was a peaceful day.  

Tanya from Mololoa

Oh, as I was trying out my limited Spanish, I found out the lady who was giving me a pedicure was from Mololoa and went to the church where I was on Sunday.  I was glad to know that she was able to take advantage of this training opportunity.  It would mean a better life for her and her family.

Sewing students working on a massive upcycled (from men's shirts) apron order.

Thursday ended with a devotional at the Jesus statue.  It is a large statue on the mountain overlooking the city.  It is amazing to literally be sitting at the feet of Jesus singing praises to His name while we look over the lights of the city.  It is always an uplifting experience!!


Today would be another one of my house builds.  Terry had asked me if I had a home that wasn't dedicated to a specific person.  I had one that the plaque said was built by the members of the Hilldale church of Christ.  He had asked me because there was a teenager from the Foundation Christian Academy in Brandon, FL who had lost his father days before the trip.  Terry wanted to dedicate this house to his father.  I told him that it would be an honor to do that.  The boy's name was Jonathan and I had worked with him on other days.  He had been understandably quite, but a very hard worker.  

After morning devo, Terry called all of the FCA students over for a group picture.  He then called Jonathan and me up.  The students knew they were building, but at least Jonathan didn't know about the dedication.  Terry explained that I had raised the $, but the home would be built to honor his dad's memory!  Jonathan gave me a huge hug and I was humbled.


The house to the right is the one we built the day before yesterday!!

WE had so much help, that I didn't hammer until I got to the floors.  I love doing the floors!!

Our hardworking Canadian, Brett

WE had a great build.  There was 20+ teenagers with a few of us older, more experienced builders, so we had lots of enthusiasm.  We were back close to the dump building for an older lady and her family.  The site was nice and flat, but we had to pull up her bean plants to build.  We hated that, but we didn't have another option.  
Maria Candida Martinez-Dulce

As we were getting started, I saw a familiar face!  It was the lady who I had first built for in the dump several years ago.  It was then that I realized that it was the same location, but it looked so much better.  That means that all of our work there has really made a difference.

WE finished our house it record time (about 5 hours) and presented and dedicated the house.  I had a bag of things I had collected and bought as a housewarming present.  We had an interpreter to explain about Jonathan's father.  It was a very moving experience!!  Jonathan, himself put up the plaque.

As we were walking back to the bus, several of the FCA girls gave me big hugs with tears in their eyes.
Hilldale members, not only did you give a family a new home, but I'm sure you helped this young man find a tiny piece of goodness in his father's death.  What a day!!!!

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