Thursday, December 22, 2011

Twas three days before Christmas......

Twas three (or is it four) days before Christmas .....

The last week and a half before I got out of school was particularly long and hard.  You can’t really teach important stuff, which causes the students to become more wound up than usual.  They really weren’t too bad though.  We were able to get our presents made for their parents, have our *party and maintain a sense of normalcy right before break. 

 *A side note about our party…..I got all of the students a stocking and a small gift from the Dollar Tree.  I had asked the parents to send in small stocking stuffers.  Most of the parents did, and it made for a good time.  The children were so appreciative!!!  I heard comments like, “This was the best day of my life!” “Thank you! You are the best teacher ever!”  It was very apparent to me that these children not spoiled!!!

These were the ornaments that we made for their parents.  I got this idea from Pinterest also.  We made picture frames with their pictures also.

I also had my teacher friends over yesterday and we had finger foods.  They sampled some of my new Pinterest recipes!!!  We had a nice time and tried not to talk “shop” too much.

Who would like to come and help me take down this dated wallpaper???

Yes, I was able to get everyone into this hand-held self portrait!

I know there are some of you out there who read my blog religiously and I’m sorry I haven’t had any posts lately. I tend to not have a post unless I have taken a lot of pictures or something important has happened.  We’ll see if I can do better!  Also, when I’m teaching, I tend to be busy with that!! 

 I almost forgot....I've joined a book club. (Something I have been wanting to do for awhile!)  I joined them for a get together at Blackhorse.  It seemed a little strange to go out at night on a school night!!! :)

I will probably not have an update until after Christmas, so I want to take this time to wish you and your loved ones a safe and Merry Christmas!!!

Oh, I almost forgot…..I’ve gone back to Weight Watchers and I’m trying to get these 5+ stubborn pounds off!  Let me tell you…’s not easy when you are ______ years old, but I WILL NOT give up.  I know have an Iphone app and it has made it easy to keep my tracker.  I lost a whopping .6 pounds in my first week.  That was with me following the plan religiously and exercising!  I will keep you posted!

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