Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas/Happy 2012!!!

Christmas Eve at my mom's house

 He's reading in the car & he hates having his pic made!!!

Well, my break is almost over! Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and because the holiday falls on a Sunday, I get Monday off.  We go back Tuesday, but the students don’t come back until ….that’s a good thing!

delicious ham

My mom's dirty Santa game

I have had a great Christmas it has just gone by way too fast!  Besides celebrating on Christmas Eve and Christmas and dealing with children’s relationship dramas, I have been chilling around the house and working out about every day the Y has been open.  I have been very good and really stuck to my diet with the aid of my new Weight Watchers IPhone app.  I have been tracking my meals and I’ve been very good except my two “holiday days”.  I weigh in tomorrow, so we’ll see if my hard work paid off. (My fingers are crossed!!)

My family(Lucas wasn't at home last Christmas and we were glad to all be together.)

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Christmas Eve at my house (waiting for Santa Clause to come)

 My Christmas morning tradition: Country ham breakfast

passing out presents

On Sunday, it will be exactly a year since I’ve started this blog.  I have really enjoyed it, but my job has kept me busy and there’s not a lot of extra time for blogging.  I know I have some faithful readers out there so, I’ll try to put a post up every week or so

If I don’t get on here again for a while………………….don’t forget……………………………

Happy 2012!!!!

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