Saturday, September 3, 2011

Guinness Tour/ Christ Church

Saturday, Sept. 3

Guinness Storehouse Tour

We had a good night sleep last night considering that our body clocks are confused.  As I sit here and type this, it’s 12:41 pm at home, but it’s almost 7 pm here.  I really feel pretty good considering.

 This morning, we had a wonderful breakfast buffet that was included with our room.  It was considered to be a typical Irish breakfast, but the only real difference was their porridge and some interesting looking sausages.  I think they call sausages “bangers”.  I had to pass.  What I had was delicious though!

I had purchased tickets on-line for the Guinness tour before we left home and that was our plan for the day.  Lucas hasn’t been too excited about doing a lot of walking, so we took a taxi.  We enjoyed the tour & learned all about the history and the art of making Guinness.  The tour ended at the top of the building in the Gravity bar.  There was a great panoramic view of Dublin.  We then headed out to find a place for lunch because Lucas was starving.    We had thought we might head back to an inexpensive fish and chip place called Leo Burdocks.  We had seen it last night.  We studied our map, walked around, and saw the shops.  The streets don’t seem to be labeled very well, and we ended up getting another taxi.  There is no one friendlier than the taxi drivers!

We ended up eating at a place called The Bull & Castle.  The interior looked  like a castle.  We enjoyed the food and resting our feet.  Lucas decided to take a taxi back to the hotel, while Nick and I decided to keep looking around.  We found a photography museum that had an exhibit of photography of children.  We also saw Christ Church, which is the oldest stone building in Dublin, You had to pay to go all of the way in and we passed.  We may be touring it later with our tour group.  Nick and I stopped for coffee and a muffin at a neat shop called Munchies.  By the time we got back to the hotel it was about 5 pm.  We are resting now and we may be done for the night.  Nick is napping currently.  I’m not exactly sure what we will do tomorrow.  We’ve discussed getting tickets for the double decker tour buses.  You can travel around the city and hop on and off at many of the different tourist attractions.  The rest of our tour group will be here tomorrow and we have a welcome dinner tomorrow evening.   I’m really looking forward to seeing the country side of Ireland.

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