Friday, September 2, 2011

Do you want that "Take Away"?

heading to the airport
(The title refers to how the Irish ask you if you want something to go.)  It's funny, we both speak English, but our expressions are very different!!

Since we had some long layovers, Nick joined the Delta Sky Club.  It's much nicer than waiting at the gate.  They have great snacks and free WiFi.
We skyped with Lucas in Nashville and Atlanta.

First sights in Ireland

Our friendly taxi driver and the lobby of Camden Court, our hotel

It is Friday, Sept. 2.  At home, it’s 12 noon, here it’s around 6 pm.  We had a long 7 hour flight last night, and we didn’t really sleep much.  We were very glad to see Lucas when we got to our hotel.  We got out and walked around a little and had a meal.  I’m not sure what meal it was, since it was about 11 am their time, and 5 am our time.  We ended up getting hamburgers at a 50s style burger place.  Ireland isn’t really known for their food.  I guess they’re known for Fish and Chips and Guinness. We went back to our room and had a 4 hour nap and now we are ready to walk around and check things out. 

The temperature here is in the mid 60s and it has been overcast.  I think that is pretty typical for Ireland.  We got some coffee to recharge our batteries and we headed out to a cool area called Temple Barr.  It was early evening on Friday night and the pubs were already filling up.  I think that was partly due to an Irish National team soccer match.  I took lots of pictures.  We walked down to the Quay, which is the River Liffey.  I’m not exactly sure how to pronounce that.  We had another meal at the Bad Ass Café.  I had read about it in my travel book.  The food was good and the atmosphere was great!  Right now, it’s 12 midnight here, but 6 pm at home.  We are pretty beat and we can’t keep our eyes open.  Hopefully, we can get a good night sleep and maybe we will be ready to go tomorrow.

Temple Barr

Advertising Leo Burdocks, a famous fish and chips place

We are scheduled to begin our tour on Sunday.  We have tickets to tour the Guinness factory and we have talked about getting tickets for a tour bus.  We are loving it so far and we are looking forward to seeing more of Dublin and the surrounding country side!

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xoxo PJ

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