Sunday, May 22, 2011

Irons in the Fire

Friday, May 13th  I guess you think that I fell off the face of the Earth.  Well, I haven't, I have just been running on the hamster wheel that is called my life!!!  One of my favorite sayings is this, "Teachers earn 75% of their salary during the first and last months of school.  If you aren't a teacher, you probably don't know that the name of the game is data collection.  (Pre-test/Post-test, achievement testing, unit tests, baseline assessment, etc.)  All of these tests have to be completed and recorded. 

Teachers (at least second grade teachers) have to keep some semblance of normalcy because once the students sense a change, they start going bonkers.  Without boring you to tears, here's a list of things that we have done, or have to do, as well as special activities that will be going on.  Keep in mind that anything "different" will set them off!!!
1. STAR reading test (on the computer)
2. STAR math test     "     "     "
3.  Reading benchmark test
4.  Reading end-of-the-year test
5.  Problem solving assessment
6.  Writing assessment
7.  Award's Day
8.  Jazz on the Lawn/Sock Hop
9.  Penny Wars
10. Field Day
11. Ice Cream Party (that our class earned)
12.  end of the year Pizza party

Pictures from a few of the end of the year events: Nick got me a new camera, and I think my upload problem has been solved.  I have had to also figure out some new things about my new camera.

I spent Mother's Day with my son and mother.

Field Day

Haha, These girls were doing an Irish jig.  One of them had seen dancers do that at a wedding.

Inflatable Day

Play by 4/5th (can you say poor acoustics?)

With the exception of Mother's Day, all of these events took place on the next to last week of school.  Now you know why teachers are constantly whining.  Actually, the fun days are fine.  It's the time leading up to them when they are wild with anticipation.  I don't remember getting do to that many cool things when I was in school!!!

May 21, Saturday:

Well, I didn't finish my school "to do" list, but I'm sure I could add at least 10 more things.  Today was my first day at the Clarksville Downtown Market.  We had great crowds.  I made over $150!!!!!!!!!  (I haven't added up my final total, but I think it's more like $200+.) I never did that much in one day last season.  It just proves that when you set your sights high and you have faith, God takes up the slack.  My goal with this season's profits is to build my own house in Honduras.  The cost is between $1,000-1,400.  I had a little sign explaining my goal & the rest is history. (Sorry, I may have already told you this before!)

  With today's profits and my current donations from church.....Well, I have approximately $400!!!!  As I said on Facebook.....God is good!!!!  Hang in with me.....I'll pick back up with the blog when school is out.  I checked my stats and I have tons of random hits.....Why? I'm not sure.  I hope they that can read English and get the message, otherwise, I may be hearing from some long lost cousins from Nigeria!!!

Gone Wild!  Last Saturday, I participated in this event and had a great time.  It was two hours and the proceeds went to Precious Friends Animal Shelter.  I have a picture that I got off Facebook.  I'm on the right side toward the back with a peach tank top on.  I'm also adding a video that I took on the event. Let me tell you, it's hard to take a video while people are dancing and you are trying to dance also!!! :0)

(I apologize again for the quality of this video,  but I wanted you to get a feel for the music & the instructors!)

I will start blogging more regularly in T- 5 days!!!!!
Summer is coming my friends!!!
xoxo PJ


  1. Can it come fast enough?

  2. Sounds like you have lots going on! Good to hear from you--hang in there!