Thursday, May 26, 2011

I just finished my 28th last day!!!???

May 26, 2011:  If my figuring is correct, I have just finished my 28th last day with students.  Where, oh where has the time gone?  I really don't know.   It doesn't matter how sweet your students are, you are always happy for the last day to come around. 

I'm happy it's the last day!!

I love my new Toms shoes!  One for One!!
 My children were sweet this year, but many were immature and most were rowdy.  I jokingly told some people that my class did really well doing nothing. (Which translates:  They were pretty good because they didn't have any work.) This week was jammed backed with special stuff.  I tried to keep things as normal as possible, but that is kind of hard to do when there is a fun event every day.

Monday: My class earned an ice cream party with toppings from the PTO.
Tuesday:  We earned a giant cookie from the Spanish teacher, our last class store
Wednesday:  Jazz on the Lawn & a Sock Hop
Thursday:  Last day Pizza Party from me & Awards

Sock Hop (The kids had fun, but didn't understand why it was called a sock hop!  I danced too and burned some calories!!)

Here's some pictures that I took of some of the fun!

Jazz on the Lawn (The 101st Jazz Ensemble played for us.)  My class didn't sit still for long!

Second Grade Award

These are two of my students who earned the 2nd and 3rd most points on Reading Counts.

Even though it was stormy last night, we were able to enjoy some play time outside.  Cool temps had arrived after all of last nights storms.

 Last day to get on the bus for 10-11 school year.

We have a tradition of standing on the hill and waving good-bye to the children as they leave.  Check out this video that I made with my camera.

<iframe width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

We were very lucky at our house.  Wednesday night, I slept in my "Safe Place".  (Our safe place is a small half bath and a coat closet.) So, I set up an inflatable mattress in the hallway between.  I find that preferable to waking up half asleep in the middle of the night.

Here's Cocoa in the "Safe Place".

Well friends, it's time to say good-bye for now.  I have one more teacher work day tomorrow and I'm done.  I have MANY things to do though.  My house is a disorganized wreck, I need to start thinking about Honduras, & I'm still making jewelry for the Saturday market.

I would love to do this..................

IT'S SUMMERTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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