Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Have a party, It's my birthday!

I believe I see some wrinkles, yes, I'm a year older!!!!

As seen on the interstate

Nick, Taylor and Lucas wet to the Predators game to celebrate Taylor's birthday.  Cocoa and I went to the Greenway to hike.  This is Cocoa enjoying the swing on the trail.

This is Taylor's favorite cake, strawberry.  It isn't very pretty, but it was delicious!

Singing Happy Birthday and bowing out 21 candles, plus one to grow on

This is what 7:00 am looks like!

Yes, it’s my birthday!  You guessed it, I’m _____________ years old!  You fill in the blank.  What do you think?  A lot of you out there know my age.  A second grader today guessed my age as 30!  Sounds good to me, what do you think?

Fall has made it to Clarksville!

My day started around 5 am and I was bound and determined to get an extra special birthday coffee from Starbucks this morning.  I stopped by and decided to treat the car behind me for my birthday.  When I got to the window and told them, they let me know that the person had ordered a very expensive drink and I wondered how expensive it could be.  Well, if you get 7 SHOTS OF ESPRESSO, IT COSTS $9!!!! I said, “Oh well, it’s my birthday, that’s okay.”  They actually gave me my coffee for free!

I had a student bring me a present which consisted of some fancy chocolates, a soy candy and some Ricolla. (sp?) Gifts from students are always a pleasant surprise.  I got some wonderful gifts from my teacher friends and my son and the day was topped by my IPhone vibrating all day from birthday wishes!!!

I ended the day with a hot, pumping, electric Zumba class and then my Ladies’ Wednesday night Bible class. Now, I catching up on some unreal reality TV

My birthday isn’t actually over because I’m meeting my teacher friends tomorrow night for dinner. Also, Nick and I have tickets to see Wicked this weekend.  I’m also excited because Nick has taken the initiative to get us reservations weekend after next in Crossville. We are going to hike in the Cumberland State Park.  All I can say is………………………………………………..

 I'm taking donations for my charity retirement fund.  The $$$ will go to purchase this house on the coast of Ireland.  You are welcome to come and visit any time!!! :0)

My eyes are closing as I type, I'm too tired to edit!

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  1. You forgot to mention my present (purse you picked out)!