Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Snow Day & M.L.K's Birthday

This is a silly picture of me getting ready to go and workout.  I love this jacket! It's my favorite!
Snow Day

My class has been very busy since we went back to school on January 4th.  It always takes a few days for some of the children (and the teacher) to get back into the swing of things.  I had to plan new work station (center) activities and the logical choice was winter (snow) activities.  Even though our days have averaged in the high 50s, it was still winter.  I think we jinxed it though because we had snow last night.  Fort Campbell had so much (I guess) that they called off school last night.  Oh, and  Monday is already a holiday. (Martin L. King's b day.) You have to realize that this is a rare occurrence for us. I think they got a lot more over across the state line!  So……………………HAPPY SNOW DAY!!

Plans for the day:

1. Sleep a little later

2. Laundry

3. Chill (take it easy)

4. Take an extra Zumba class

5. And whatever else I want to do!!!

 For my teacher friends:

I found lots of great Valentine's stuff in the dollar aisle at Target!

Not $1, but maybe $5!

Weight Watchers Update:

I have been faithfully tracking my meals, following my healthy meal plan, and last week I took 6 exercise classes!!!!  I had thought I would do better with my weight loss once I was back in school.  (I had been very good over the holidays, but the weight wasn’t coming off.)  Last Saturday, I was very glad to say that I had lost a POUND!  I really needed that to keep me encouraged.  Weigh-in is tomorrow morning and I am actually considering taking two Zumba classes and a Zumba toning class today!!!  We’ll see how it goes!

School challenge:

On a similar note, our faculty has begun a weight loss challenge.  We are actually competing with a couple of other schools to be the “Biggest Loser” and loose the highest percentage of weight.  We all weighed in Wednesday morning.  Since it was the first time, I ate breakfast.  There was a 4 pound difference from WW’s scale ( L ) and not in a good way!!  I wasn’t surprised because WW’s scale is always lighter than the doctor’s office or anywhere else. I’ll try to keep you updated on the challenge.Pi

 Pictures from my Twin Aunt & Uncle's 85th birthday:

 My uncle had twins too!
I'm in this picture stuffing my face.  Most of these people are second and third cousins.  That translates to my cousins' grandchildren. Unfortunately, we haven't been together as a group in several years!

This is my silly husband with my 85 year old aunt.  She is a widower and she has no children of her own, but has spent her whole life helping and doing for others.  When I was in high school, she had the idea of helping me go to Europe for Spring Break.  If I hadn't done that, I probably wouldn't have ever had the nerve to go to Honduras!!!

 Happy Snow Day!!!!!

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