Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy what??

Happy week before Thanksgiving!  I have all of my family home for the week and I’m thankful.  I also only have students one and a half days this week.  (Tuesday is a half day of some kind of training!)

Well, can you believe it? I’m still alive and kicking.  I have just been extremely busy with life, which, right now, happens to be teaching.  Teaching is now not just a full time job, but a life job.  It consumes your life!!!  I have wonderful class of good strong second graders, but, it isn’t about just teaching anymore.  Here is a short list of some things that have been added to my teaching plate:

Differentiated instruction training

BAS (reading assessment) training

2 days of giving the BAS (I didn’t finish.)

CSC meeting on a new student

Calling parent about a child’s progress

Giving a jewelry making class on a Wellness Day (this is a good thing!)

A special Thanksgiving dinner where all of the parents were invited (We had so many people that it took up our Gym time.)

I’m also currently obsessed with reading teacher blogs and Pinterest.  There are so many neat teaching ideas out there that it is overwhelming.  I’ve found lots of cool things that I’ve used in my classroom.  I just wished I had fewer constraints so that I could use more of the ideas that I find.

This is from Ireland and it makes me happy!

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